Along with its new logo typeface for the PS3 Slim, Sony is introducing a new Playface marketing campaign and slogan ("It Will Make Your Heart Move More") for the updated model's release in Japan.

As part of the Playface campaign, the company plans to broadcast commercials focused on players' facial expressions and reactions, similar to Robbie Cooper's My Game Face photo series and dozens of Wii game commercials.

The company will also send out a "Playface Caravan" to roam Tokyo and Osaka from September 3 through November 24, which will feature game stations that capture players' faces as they try out different titles. Their clips will then appear on Sony's new Playface site, where they will be ranked by popularity -- top ranking faces will earn points for buying products from the PlayStation store.

Right now, the Playface site shows off the Playfaces of famous Japanese actors and musicians.

[Via Andriasang]