Organizers for SIGGRAPH 2009 posted the results from its first annual GameJam, an event challenging teams to create a 3D game using the Panda3D game engine, or a 2D game using Flash in 24 hours.

The 3D games aren't available online (a note explains that the files are too big too post), but you can play the three 2D projects that were submitted. In Falling for SIGGRAPH (pictured), voted "Best of Show" for the 2D titles, players position objects to bounce a skydiving SIGGRAPH attendee into an open skylight so he can drop into the convention center.

The other two submissions are Invasion of Zaltor, a short platformer that has you piloting an unwieldy mecha (make sure you read the controls!); and Network, which I'm not sure how to explain, so I'll let the game's developers explain: "Piggy-back off of other contacts. Launch yourself ahead to see how far you can get!"

You can see screenshots for several of the 3D games and a full list of participants at SIGGRAPH's GameJam page.