I'm not certain on the full story behind this odd video, but as I understand it, someone uploaded a video of Splash Damages's Brink public demo from last weekend's QuakeCon onto Youtube, which Zenimax (owner of the game's publisher Bethesda Softworks) then laid a copyright claim to and helped remove from the site.

Protesting the video's take down (or perhaps just poking fun at it), Youtube user 976blackpope posted this clip, titled "Bring Public Demo II", with a robot voice catching us up to speed on what transpired:

"The video was found to be in copyright violation. No harm was done. No harm was intended. ... Interest was stirred up. A conversation on the game had started. People were wondering about the game. The guessing game had started.

Now all that remains is this, a shrine of crushing misery. A marker taking up space on Youtube's server. It was once said that the best advertisement is word of mouth. What does it say when that is being silenced systematically?"

The video rambles on for three more minutes, throwing out comparisons to Iran and 1984 as Nancy Sinatra's cover of "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" plays in the background -- I wonder how long it will take for Warner Music Group to spot this copyright violation and remove the clip's audio.