I've featured Uber Games, Uber Books' upcoming collection of artwork reinterpreting classic video games, before with a couple paintings -- Sosima's Crystal Castles tribute and William "xiabaosg" Chua's Super Mario Bros./Monster Hunter Ukiyo-e mashup.

The German publisher hasn't announced any details for the book's pricing and release, but it did reveal this shot of the collection's cover with a notice that it will begin taking preorders soon. The company also started a Twitter account where it will announce the artists involved with its current project.

I dug up four pieces slated to appear in the collection, as well as a bonus painting that artist Axelhoney hints is for an upcoming book -- I'm not certain whether or not it's for Uber Games, but if not, it should be! See them all below:

Joust by Vince "Kidchuckle" Chui:

Bomberman by Tony Ariawan:

Chun-Li by TheyHateMyDesign (Amenth, Loveisick) and Hery "Bazzier" Siswanto:

Starwing (Star Fox) by Martijn "Supersilo" van Dam:

BONUS: Ms. Pac-Man by Melissa "Axelhoney" Contreras: