Developed by a team of students at University of Southern California, Reflection has attracted attention not just for its curious concept (two platformers simultaneously played across the DS's two screens), but also for its win as The Next Great Mobile Game at last March's IGF Mobile Awards -- it was actually the only non-iPhone title to take home an award from that show.

Konami has since picked up the project for release on DSiWare, the Nintendo DSi's digital download service. The Indie Game Dev Podcast Show recently talked with the team behind Reflection, and you can watch the first half of the interview above and the second half after the break.

The group shares a lot about Reflection's production in the videos, including the challenges of working on the game while everyone's on Summer vacation, the role of an effective team leader, and how they took advantage of prototypes and USC's resources to recruit roommates and classmates for the project:

"Because we were part of [an “Advance Project Class” at USC], it also helped because, hey we’re short an artist, and our professor was like, 'Hey, let me go to the school of fine arts and see if I can get an artist for you.' So then we got an artist from the arts school, and we brought them on board.

We needed some music, so we said, 'Hey, let’s go to the department of music. We brought them on board, so it was really great in that because it was a class. The professors were really, really enthusiastic about bringing together all the different disciplines and resources that USC had to offer."

Second half of the interview:

And if you haven't seen it yet, here's a video of a prototype version of Reflection for DSiWare:

The Indie Game Dev Podcast Show also has full transcriptions of the interview posted here and here.