Danish electronic musician Jonas R. Kirkegaard has released Quiet Works for Cello & Commodore 64, an experimental album offering twelve compositions using, naturally, a single cello and a Commodore 64 system as instruments.

You can watch the artist perform one of the songs here with cellist Roar Bye BlÄsmo. Kirkegaard explains the concept behind the release:

"The cello and the Commodore 64 are old and significant instruments, each in their own tradition, and they carry a lot of historical and musical references and a great heritage with them.

In this project they are presented in slow, simple compositions, with a minimum of post editing and no spectacular performances by instrumentalists. Instead they are merely to be perceived together as very important, musical objects without specific regards to traditions, conventions and technical achievements."

Kirkegaard released Quiet Works for Cello & Commodore 64 as an SD Card with a USB adapter encased in a small beechwood block, with a limited run of only 100 copies. I'm not sure where you can purchase the album (other than this single copy), but perhaps you can request one from Kirkegaard when he returns from his trip to Uganda.

[Via Chipflip]