While Namco Bandai's troubled Xbox 360 and PS3 revival of the Splatterhouse series isn't scheduled to hit until early 2010, you can now play Nerlaska Studio's (likely unauthorized) PC remake of Splatterhouse 2 right now!

Titled Living Hell, the game displays the hockey mask-wearing protagonist and his enemies with 3D graphics, though it's still a side-scrolling beat'em up like the original Genesis title from 1992. You'll also hear remixed music in the PC release.

While I would have preferred a remake that looked more like the Famicom's Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti with its playful and super-deformed characters, this still looks impressive when you consider the game was built by only four developers.

The Spanish studio's description for Living Hell is Engrishy and thus great:

"After peaceful years, demons have been summoned again to the surface, they act at daylight, kill and tear to pieces without distinction, spreading the death on their path.

Your girlfriend Jennifer has disappeared, you must make way through its host and find this terror and death origin and destroy.

The mask shines again with all its power for helping us in our mission. ... If you fail, there won't be hope in this desolate deadland."

You can watch comparison videos of stages from the original Splatterhouse 2 and Living Hell below:

And someone mocked up this striking boxart, too:

Living Hell is available to download for free from Nerlaska Studio's site.

[Via Retro Remakes]