Tampa Bay's new Xtreme Adventures has all the usual attractions you'd expect to find at a family fun centers -- arcade cabinets, laser tag, rock climbing, Highway 66 bowling, and redemption machines. It also has a new and increasingly popular activity, Lazer Frenzy.

The Lazer Frenzy experience seems lifted out of those movies in which burglars infiltrate a highly guarded building or museum, then have to contort their way through an intricate series of lasers threatening to set off alarms if anything blocks their path.

In this Xtreme Adventures version, players select one of three difficulties (presumably the normal and hard settings have more lasers that also move), make their way through to hit the button at the end of the hall, then return without running into any lasers.

It looks like a fun setup, but it's also very expensive -- nearly $40,000 for the basic package (18 beams), shipping, installation, and training. The enhanced package with more lasers for a larger room will set you back more than $51,000. You can read more about Lazer Frenzy in this product PDF.

[Via Arcade Heroes]