W!Games, the Amsterdam-based developer behind the PC/Wii editions of My Horse and Me (which we briefly mentioned just yesterday!), is taking a different, less casual approach with its first PSN title, Greed Corp. It even uses a hex grid, which, if you believe PopCap's co-founder and CCO Jason Kapalka, is "repellent" to casual gamers.

It also stands out from other turn-based strategy titles, as it takes its inspiration from "the industrial revolutions and their destructive effects on the environment." Players dig, drill, and mine resources to build their armies, but also must make sure to preserve the land to stay alive.

Greed Corp features four different factions and online/local/AI multiplayer support for up to four people -- in addition to its single-player campaign -- challenging players to use the game's collapsing terrain to their advantage and destroy their opponents (as well as their opponent's land).

W!Games will release Greed Corp to PSN at the end of September 2009. I would consider it a major disappointment if the game doesn't have more songs like the music in the trailer.

[Via Gamezine]