Indie game designer Kenta Cho -- whose name you should recognize from acclaimed PC shoot'em ups like Tumiki Fighters and rRootage (both collected in the underappreciated Blast Works for Wii, along with two other of his games) -- has released another "super fast-paced 3D shooter": GearToyGear for XNA (Xbox 360/Windows).

Cho released a 0.1 version online that you can download try out for free, provided you have XNA GS 3.1. In GearToyGear, you'll guide an odd looking craft through a vibrant tunnel while avoiding incoming lasers and obstacles.

Your ship fires automatically, so that's one less thing to worry about while dodging everything coming at you. You also pick up more points the faster you rush through the tunnel, with the right trigger (if you're using an Xbox 360 pad) increasing your speed. The game's screen actually manages to look much more hectic than Cho's previous tunnel shoot'em up, Torus Trooper.

[Via Shmups Forum]