Ah yes - time to go through the top full-length features of the past week on big sister site Gamasutra, plus extra features and Game Design Challenge goodness from fellow edu site GameCareerGuide.

Some of the highlights include an rather smart Shadow Complex interview with the Chair folks, a discussion on building buzz for indie games, a GCG narrative analysis for Lost Odyssey, great ways to navigate game levels, and other neatness besides.

Time to fly:

- Making Shadow Complex: Donald Mustard Speaks
"Though it's quickly proving to be one of the biggest buzz games of 2009, Shadow Complex was not a sure bet for Chair Entertainment when the project began. Gamasutra talks to creative director Donald Mustard about the creation of the Xbox Live Arcade downloadable hit."

- Ludus Florentis: The Flowering of Games
"The video game industry is going through a massive sea change, and Divide By Zero's James Portnow sits down to examine just what's going on, from tool simplification to distribution network changes, and what it means for games as a creative medium."

- Building Buzz for Indie Games
"In this in-depth feature, Mode 7 Games (Determinance, Frozen Synapse) co-head Paul Taylor discusses key steps to getting your independent game known, from careful initial announcements to pre-orders and talking to bloggers."

- No More Wrong Turns
"How do you navigate complex video game levels easily? Designer Nerurkar looks at examples from Fallout 3 through Shadow Of The Colossus to examine the top tools for aiding level navigation for players."

- Playfish: The Social Gaming Provocateurs
"Facebook game creator Playfish (Pet Society) has created some of the more sophisticated games for social networks, and Gamasutra speaks to them about why they believe quality eventually wins for social gaming, despite the noise."

- GCG: Game Narrative Review - Lost Odyssey
"In the first of a series of student examinations of game story, we take a look at the narrative of Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey, examine its characters, and see where it goes right and goes wrong."

- GCG: Coursework vs. The Real World
"Wondering what value your college coursework will have for you in your gaming career? Graduate Matt Baxter explores the synergies between what you learn in the classroom and what you'll need in real life."