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As the weekend (and the GDC 2010 Advisory Board meeting) looms, time to start cracking on with some 'back on the ball' GameSetLinks goodness, starting out with those ever-sage Elder Game chaps on how psychology can help you design games. Who'd have thunk it, eh?

Also in this particular set of links - a look at how Westerns might get jobs in the Japanese game biz, Game Informer comes in for a bit of stick, the Pinball World Championships explored, and the majestic return of (not) Brian Crecente, thanks to the weird Eegra weirdos.

In cun abula:

Elder Game: MMO game development ยป Reinforcement Concepts for Designers
'Game design is an application of psychology: the goal of a game is typically to entertain and/or engage the human being playing the game, and studying psychology helps explain how we entertain and engage people.'

Eegra: The Internet's Premier Source of Scrunchie Softcore : The Terrifying Return of Brian Crecente
Not actually a game-related video, but I enjoy that the Crecente as revealed in the Super Smash Bros review makes a triumphant return about halfway through the vid anyhow.

Loyd Case on Technology - The Future Of PC Gaming
'I like to think of PC gaming as a beam of light passing through a diffraction grating.' Fair enough! Good piece.

Insult Swordfighting: Game Informer works for Gamestop, not for you -- Video Game Reviews and Rants
I actually do like GI - its editorial quality has come on quite a lot, and from its position of power it can run a lot more freeranging stuff - so I don't think there was any mega conspiracy here, least of all at the behest of GameStop, but the referenced Metacritic piece was a bit of an odd article.

Want To Work In The Japanese Gaming Industry? Here's How - Japan - Kotaku
Good piece with some quotes from some long-time JP game industry folks.

Crispy Gamer | Pinball Wizards: A Visual Tour of the Pinball World Championships
'Pinball is far from dead for the roughly 2,000 people that invaded a remote warehouse to enjoy four straight days of the game.'