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Continuing the GameSetLinks charge, half way through the week or so, we start out with a neat retrospective of Cave Story - which we're all interested to see crop up on WiiWare soon, of course, where it can be played easily with a controller in a retro stylee, hurray.

Also in here - more Brainy Gamer on Little King's Story, balancing Flower Garden for iPhone, an interview with the Home Of The Underdogs creator, the binding and unbinding of Rocket Science, and a few other things besides.

For some reason:

Charge Shot!!!: Cave Story, A Retro Labor of Love
Late to the party, but a good description of why the title is so charming.

The Brainy Gamer: Cute ain't pretty
'The most common complaint you will hear about Little King's Story has nothing to do with the game itself. The game's biggest problem, and the reason it will be overlooked by most gamers, is that it looks like a cutesy kids' game.'

Interview with the Underdogs - Review With Extreme Prejudice
Interesting chat with the lady behind HOTU, who clearly has strong principles, even if I disagree with how she was trying to do it: 'I believe in what Larry Lessig said, which is that we need a new system of doing things.'

Hit Self-Destruct: 40 Pages, Black & White
Another remarkably high-quality piece by Duncan - this time about BioShock 2 designer Steve Gaynor's path to a job in game creation.

Games from Within | Balancing Flowers
Interesting piece by Noel Llopis on the visual balancing he did for flower evolution in his iPhone game.

The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety on Variety.com
Chris Morris points out a good set of blog posts about why '90s Siliwood pioneer Rocket Science didn't really know what they were doing - as admitted by one of its founders.