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It's that midweek type feeling thing, and this set of GameSetLinks is headed out by another one of Kiri Miller's FlowTV posts on the ethnography behind Rock Band, a fine concept for what is, after all, an exceptionally uniting piece of game software.

Also in this round-up - GameTunnel's best games of August, Steve Purcell on his recalcitrants charges' triumphant appearance in Stuckey's corporate newsletter, Rock Band: Beatles on QVC, Maslow and The Sims explored, and more.

Five o clock:

Fieldnotes from a Rock Band Bar Night | FlowTV
'In this column, I’m attempting an assignment that I require of virtually all my undergraduate students: a performance ethnography blog post.'

Best Games of August 2009 by Game Tunnel
Interesting tie for top game - two adventure titles, to boot!

Games & Fun - Ranting back at David Jaffe
Ah, I guess this is the full Burch vs. Jaffe thing, at least as linked by a third party... interesting.

SPUDVISION: Sam & Max and Stuckey's
'YES, Stuckey's is a real place and has paid tribute to Sam & Max in their corporate newsletter.'

The Quotable "The Beatles: Rock Band on QVC"
'For one hour tonight, QVC tried to sell the Beatles: Rock Band to its audience of parents and grandparents desperate to look cool to their offspring (and grandoffspring).' This was on VH1 Classic too!

Vorpal Bunny Ranch: Maslow, Peter Maslow
Discussing The Sims franchise and Maslow's hierarchy.