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Managed to dig out another set of GameSetLinks, sorta on demand, although don't expect them every day, and this time they're headed by Konami's latest Dance Dance Revolution arcade notion - a web-based step editor that you can plug into the arcade machine itself - fun times!

Also in this round-up: a look back at Dizzy, Tokyo's underground game bars, some slightly depressing comments on the Xmas quarter being overloaded for AAA games again, a look at the Virtual Boy, the AV Club rolls out the Sawbuck Club for indie style games, and more besides.

Zidane zidane zidane:

DanceDanceRevolution X Arcade WebEditor Live! - bemanistyle.com
This is interesting - I think they've done it before in variant form, but it's web-based step making software for DDR X's arcade version - you insert the data via USB key!

Virtual Boy: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly « Desert Hat
'When most gamers hear about the Virtual Boy, they immediately deride it, saying what an awful piece of hardware it is and how it was the worst design Nintendo ever made (even worse than going with cartridges on the N64). However, none of these people have actually picked up and played a Virtual Boy (or at least one that actually works).'

A Tree Falling in the Forest: Games Sales Are Down: Pointing Out the Elephant in the Room Edition
'The publishers are sandbagging. They are holding back the best titles for the fourth quarter so they may dive full force into the blood bath.'

Tokyo's underground game bars | GamesRadar
'Scattered around Tokyo, lie six diverse videogame-themed bars. Popular amongst fans and game developers, these establishments allow customers to combine their love of games and alcohol. Most walk right past them, without even realizing they exist.'

encubed » News Archive » MangaGamer releases SHUFFLE!
Another super duper niche (but, yes, NSFW, though this link is fine) Japanese visual novel gets translated for the Western market. Just interesting to see these hyperniche markets in action.

August 24, 2009 | Games | A.V. Club - The Sawbuck Gamer
'The A.V. Club is pleased to introduce Sawbuck Gamer, a recurring feature where we’ll take a look at new games that you can get for $10 or (usually) less.' Nice!

The Making Of: Dizzy | Edge Online
Another excellent look back - the Oliver twins are running Blitz today, of course.