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Continuing this week's GameSetLinks fun and games, we start out with another unexperimental shooter leftover from the Experimental Gameplay Project's first challenge - and rather charming it is, too.

But there's other neatness in here too - including an Earthbound anniversary, a discussion of how games really fit into your life (yes, your life!), an appreciation of Super Mario Galaxy, David Jaffe on some art plus games rebuttal intriguingness, and a few other things too.

Just not practical:

Play This Thing! | Kosmosis
Ah, another Experimental Gameplay Project entry, this time unofficial, from Molleindustria.

Why I Play Games: The Panel - Part I | Resolution Magazine | Diverse Commentary on Videogames
'Why are we doing these things? What makes gaming resonate with us to such a degree? These are questions we found too big to answer ourselves, so we did what any sensible publication would do. We brought up our list of freelance contacts, and nagged them until they wrote something.'

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Happy Birthday, Mother: EarthBound Zero Turns Twenty
'And so fans continue to fume as their favorite series remains stranded in Japan. It's a strange legacy that perfectly fits such an oddball game.'

Dementia, video games, and the end of the beginning » Infinite Lives
'Video games will not rot your brain, no. But—if your intentions are wrong, and no realizations come of them—they will wear you out. They will wear you out. They will wear you out. They will wear you out.'

Experience Points: Review: The Surprise of Super Mario Galaxy
'Super Mario Galaxy re-introduces 3D gaming, expands the rules of platforming, and demonstrates how the judicious use of motion control can augment traditional gaming mechanics.'

davidjaffe.biz: You Can't Teach A Dog To Sing...
Jaffe is a little incoherent in writing, but his points are v.important.