Adam "Atomic" Saltsman -- featured here several times for his work on Fathom, the Dr. Dobbs platformer/level editor, and Nicalis' Cave Story WiiWare port -- announced that he will host a free four-hour workshop for his Flixel Actionscript collection at the Austin Public Library during the Thursday afternoon of Austin GDC week (September 15 to 18th).

Though Flixel was released to the public barely two months ago, it's already used in several interesting projects, such as Darthlupi's Wonder Bounce, Noonat's Queens, and several of Saltsman's own releases.

"I do not actually know what the workshop is going to cover yet," he says. "I will be prepared to talk about basic game construction techniques, procedural generation, hardcore flash graphical performance, and anything else that falls under my oddly shaped umbrella of Flash game dev knowledge."

Saltsman adds that he'll likely invite interested developers to fill out a topical survey to get a better idea of what to present. As an added incentive, he's promising free food and Flixel shirts (pictured, available in four different colors) for attendees!

[Via TIGF]