The latest hentai game shame to come out of Japan comes from an embarrassed father posting on 2chan, the country's largest online forum:

"I came home from work yesterday to find a porn-game box I had hidden placed on top of the keyboard.

Kana: Little Sister.

I tried to talk my way out of it at first, but my wife decided that I got the name from this game, and it’s pretty much the truth anyway, so I couldn’t. I tried to emphasize how nice a girl Kana is, but that didn’t work either. I’ve got both my and the wife’s parents coming to a family conference after I get home today."

According to later posts in the same message board thread -- translated by our own Magweasel columnist Kevin Gifford -- when the culprit's wife was pregnant, the couple decided he would name the child if it was a girl, and she would pick out the name it if it was a boy.

When his wife gave birth to their daughter, he named her Kana, which he explained was the name of a "really wonderful child" from a book he read years ago, never mentioning Kana: Little Sister's eponymous character.

The Japanese hentai game (an official English translation is also available), as its title implies, follows the incestuous relationship of two siblings. Though Leigh Alexander once described it as "much less a sex game than it is a self-generated essay on deep-rooted human essentials: the value of life, the nature of family, the manifold definitions of love", I presume the wife in this unfortunate tale won't see those same values in the game.

Even more entertaining than the responses from 2chan forumers in the thread are the original poster's delusional posts, as he wonders if he should tell his family that his daughter's name "came from Canaan because [he] wanted peace in the Middle East".

The father then insists that if this "family conference" forces him to play Kana: Little Sister so they can judge its content, "maybe they’ll all be moved by the story enough that they’ll thank [him] for it". Unfortunately, he hasn't posted in the thread since early August to provide an update on how the conference went.