Released in Japan over 15 years ago for NEC PC-9821 (with later ports for 3D0, Sega Saturn, and PS1), Policenauts is considered by many as a spiritual sequel to Snatcher, the cyberpunk adventure game from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima.

In the game, players take on the role of a detective investigating the death of his ex-wife and her missing new husband. The sci-fi twist is this takes place on a space colony, and the protagonist is a police-trained astronaut that was stranded in space and kept in a cryogenic sleep for 25 years.

Developer and publisher Konami planned a U.S. localization for the Sega Saturn version, but that project never made it to market. But a group of Policenauts fans have worked on an unofficial English translation for the PS1 edition, and released the patch over the weekend.

You'll need a preferably legal copy of the game to rip its data and apply the patch, resulting in a translated version that you can load in an emulator or burn to a disc and play in your PS1. You can find the patch and more information on the Policenauts Translation Project's site.

[Via @fortninety]