The most surprising gaming news this morning comes from CCP at GDC Europe, where the EVE Online company announced Dust 514, a team-based first-person shooter that CEO Hilmar Petursson described as "our take on a console MMO." Details behind the title's projected release and target consoles are still forthcoming (despite the Xbox 360 and PS3 text added in the video above).

Under development at CCP's Shanghai studio for nearly three years, Dust 514 has players "fighting in a massive war" across planets in the EVE Online universe, with battles in the console game affecting events in the PC MMO. EVE Online players can even "fund [Dust 514] mercenaries and give them goals"

Petursson says "these communities will meld over time", and jokingly explained the cross-platform relationship between the two titles: "While the fleet does the flying, the infantry does the dying."

You can read more details on the announcement at sister site Gamasutra.