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As a lot of people noticed, PlayStation World (PSW) is the latest British magazine to get the axe from Future. This is wholly expected. The last official ABC figures for PSW (from last year) had the title's circulation at just over 17,000 copies, although Paid Content pegs it at "around 24,000" at the moment of its demise.

Future UK has a long history of running magazines forever and forever, far past their shelf date, as long as they produce some sort of revenue -- but given the economy and the fact they already publish two other PlayStation-exclusive titles in the UK, even Future's patience must be wearing thin a little.

So no surprises here, but an interesting bit of trivia: PSW's closure means that Xbox World 360 is now the only English-language title launched by Computec Media that still exists today. Computec is the German outfit that, as some of you might remember, made a serious push in the UK and America with the incite line of magazines, but quickly retreated after blowing through millions. I wrote about incite way back in 2006, but didn't mention that Computec UK didn't sell out their two remaining titles -- PSW and Xbox World -- until 2003, when they finally turned 'em over to Future.

The Paid Content article above notes that overall magazine sales in the UK for the first half of '09 are down 21.5 percent from the second half of last year. Again, not particularly shocking news, especially considering magazines are comparatively expensive over there and there's no such thing as cheap-as-free subscriptions. What it proves, though, is that what's been true in America for years now -- game mags will have to survive on real content, not on advertiser money and by-the-numbers press release coverage -- is pretty much true for the UK now as well.

Sadly I fear that PC Zone, my pet favorite that nobody every talks about except for me, might be next, what with its sub-20K ABC circulation and everything. I hope not.

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