Manhattan's monthly chiptune show "Pulsewave at the Tank" is putting together a special, extra-long event next Saturday, August 29th, as a farewell to film crew 2 Player Productions, which is moving its operations to Portland in search of more opportunities to work with software companies on the West Coast.

2PP has been instrumental to the city's micromusic scene, serving as videographers for Pulsewave, Blip Festival, and other local chiptune shows. It has also worked with game developers like Sucker Punch on developer diary videos, and plans to release its "Reformat the Planet" documentary on chip music's rise in NYC to DVD soon.

Celebrating 2PP's contributions to the community, Pulsewave has brought together a "sort of reunion" of chiptune acts from the first Blip Festival in 2006: Bud Melvin, Touchboy, and Covox. Three-man group (or two-man, one-woman) 8BK-ok will also perform while VBLANK, J.Y.K., and Dave Mauro provide "optical VJ stimulation" for the event.

2PP plans to screen Reformat the Planet 1.5, a short follow-up to its RTP documentary, before the performers take the stage, and will also help introduce the 100th release from record label 8bitpeoples. They mystery album hasn't been announced yet, but I hear it's a much bigger production than most of 8BP's previous 99 releases. Minusbaby will also debut his new work and the label's 101th release, Left.

The night after all that, Brooklyn's Public Assembly venue will put on another micromusic concert with an impressive lineup. NATO, Glomag, GwEm, Bit Shifter, Touchboy, and Nullsleep are all slated to perform, with No Carrier and Enso appearing as VJs. It's a busy weekend if you love chiptunes!

Portland can also look forward to similar shows, as 2PP intends to grow the chip music community in the city. "We have every intention of following the Pulsewave / 8static model and getting a monthly event going once we've had a chance to settle," says the crew's Asif Siddiky, "In fact, two of our guys are already out there right now and we just successfully pitched the idea to a sweet venue in the downtown area."