Add another video game-themed vinyl toy to your list of must-have desk decorations! Blizzard will give throw in this StarCraft II "Raynor" figure (along with its Gauss rifle accessory) with goody bags given out at Blizzcon this weekend.

Produced by Bigshot Toyworks, this Starcraft Marine figure is part of Blizzad's "n00bz" series of customizable vinyl toys inspired by the company's games. The 6.25"-tall Raynor has nine points of articulation and is wearing a StarCraft II battlesuit, a BlizzCon '09 shoulder mark, and Easter-egg Horde and Diablo III symbols.

Blizzard will sell three other n00bz figures designed by its employees as part of a contest last April -- Fury of Ragnaros, Ghoulash, and Murloc Madness. Blizzcon attendees can also pick up blank n00bz to design themselves.

[Via Superpunch]