The Neo Pocket Arcade isn't as portable as the Neo Geo Pocket, and it doesn't fit in your pocket as its name indicates, but this one-of-a-kind 17" by 33" setup is certainly much smaller than your traditional arcade cabinet, and it plays Neo Geo MVS cartridges.

Modder Pocket_lucho spent five months constructing this modded cabinet using a PSOne 5" LCD, a Space Invaders Plug n Play TV joystick, mini Sanwa buttons, and a Neo Geo MV-1B board. The machine also supports RGB video and provides a second player input.

This is actually his third mini-cabinet project, with the previous two being Pocket [PC-]Engine Arcade and Pocket [Mega] Drive Arcade machines. Pocket_lucho says he's willing to part with any of the cabinets if your offer is "interesting".

You can see the Neo Pocket Arcade in action with Waku Waku 7, Sengoku 3 and Aero Fighters 2, as well as a nicely edited "making of" video below:

And here's a shot of the Neo Pocket Arcade in between Pocket_lucho's two other mini-cabinets:

You can also follow this Spanish forum thread with photos from the machine's construction. You could even make your own machine with the detailed walkthrough!

[Via Pixfans]