You can't plug these miniature Street Fighter IV arcade sticks into your console/PC -- they're even too big to attach to your mobile (they're supposed to be cellphone straps) without looking ridiculous -- but these two-button sticks are still functional; they just serve a different purpose.

Japanese trinket company StrapyaNext designed these Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim controllers to accept special moves for their respective characters, and play a short audio clip for that move. Hit the punch button after rolling the stick with a quarter circle forward, for example, and you'll hear Ryu throw out a hadouken.

StrapyaNext stores are accepting preorders for limited editions (1,000 each) starting today, while Tokyu Hands's Ikebukuro location will begin taking reservations on August 14th. The cellphone strap shop will also offer the mini SFIV sticks at next month's Tokyo Game Show, so make sure to pick one up for me (no promises on whether I'll pay you back)! Each controller is priced at ¥1,260, or around $13.06.

[Via Versus City, GAME Watch]