This comical Team Fortress 2 sniper rifle skin comes from Marc "BlightedArt" Johnston, Daniel "Ice" Bentz, Scott McNeebs, and unfortunate Scout who evidently suffered a headshot. The exit wound seems the perfect size for the rifle's scope, though. "That'll teach 'em for jumpin' around like a bloody idiot!" says Bentz.

The skin comes with both Red and Blue versions, so the skull's hat will change to match the opposing team's color. If you're wondering why the Australian sniper has a New Zealand flag on the scope, Johnston has an explanation for that: "I'm a [New Zealander]. Me and the modeler were just having a bit of fun stickin' it to the Aussies."

You can see an in-game shot of the rifle after the break, and download the skin here.

[Via PAF]