Artist and 3D animator Miguel Sternberg alerted us to a new round of titles from Artsy Games Incubator, the Toronto project (with a Montreal chapter planned) arming artists with accessible development tools to create indie games.

If would like to participate in Toronto AGI's next round or Montreal's first, the project's organizers are currently reviewing applications, so make sure to contact them soon if that sounds like something you'd be into.

The six PC games are all available to download for free at Artsy Games Incubator's site, but I've included descriptions for each of the titles below.

Alpinist by Craig D. Adam

Presented with Adam's distinctive Superbrothers sprite style, Alpinist is a very short and atmospheric platformer that has you "taking on mountainous tasks", exploring the snowy stage and even spotting a reindeer. The game is inspired by The Blizzard, one of several vignettes in Akira Kurosawa's Dreams.

Ludd the Spud by Myfanwy Ashmore

The artist behind Super Mario Bros. art hack Mario Battle No. 01, Ashmore offers another experimental game, this time enabling you to control a Luddite Potato. AGI brags that Ludd the Spud "sports the best death screen in gaming, bar none."

Racoon Park by Nadine Lessio

Web designer and artist Lessio presents a top-down action game (with a Web 2.0 art style) about "the sacrifices of motherhood". You play as a raccoon mother, foraging for food and give up your own health to feed your pups and survive the season.

Grantnabbers by Daphnée Nostrome

Communications coordinator Nostrome modified Game Maker's 1945 sample game into a quest for an art grant.

My Uncle George by Filipe Salgado

Looking to create a "text game with a meaningful choice", Filipe Salgado used Inform7 to developer My Uncle George. The interactive fiction game has an ex-con relative visiting you and asking you take part in a morally ambiguous and probably criminal act.

Cephalopods Co-op Cottage Defence by Miguel Sternberg

Sternberg describes this somewhat sequel to Night of the Cephalopods as "kind of a 16-bit take on Left 4 Dead". This two-player cooperative game stars a female scientist and her clockwork valet setting up barricades and blasting away "squidy things".