Online retro gaming mag RGCD has released a new game for the two-decade old Atari STE -- r0x (with a "ready-to-go PC version").

Inspired by the meteor storm bonus stage in Edgar Vidal's Deluxe Galaga for Amiga, r0x has players taking control of the TTA Military Frigate 'Irata' and dodging meteoroids for as long as possible for a high score.

Players can also graze the meteoroids for "serious danger points" and collect treasure, floating cosmonauts, and bonuses (e.g. smart bombs that clear the screen, E-X-T-R-A letters for an extra life). "Maluses", which can reverse controls or instantly kill players, are also scattered in the mix.

The game also has a secret menu (which can be found by reading the messages in the menu screen displayer or by hacking r0x), an in-game playing guide, and a two-player mode in which players compete to collect 20 cosmonauts.

You can see video of an earlier version of the game demonstrated at demoparty Outline 2009 (where r0x was the highest scored game entry) below:

Heavy Stylus posted about the release on TIGForums, where he also shared photos for a "Limited ROXXOR Edition" given out to friends. The package includes an OST audio CD (with a data track containing the game source and all assets used to create the game) and a disk presumably stocked a copy of the game.

The coverart is fantastic: