Disgaea series developer and publisher Nippon Ichi Software promises a new title for the PSP with a flyer announcing "Hero Transformation Project Starts".

The advertisement features a costumed and caped figure with a big V on his belt and a bigger V across his chest (perhaps a distant relative of Viewtiful Joe?), transforming into a tank, a cat, a vehicle modeled after the company's Prinny mascot, a character with drills for hands (inconvenient for handling silverware and many other tasks, I'm sure!), and other strange forms.

They flyer doesn't provide any more detail than the impressive spritework (as is expected from NIS), but the company's U.S. office revealed last month that its Disgaea team is working on a strategy RPG for the PSP, possibly with a PSN download. That game is expected to feature a "new type of battle system", which is par for the course with the company's SRPGs.

[Via PSP Hyper]