Homebrew developer AtomicFe announced a new release coming to the almost 27-year-old ColecoVision. Due this Fall, Ghost N Zombies shares more than just a similar title with Capcom's Ghosts 'n Goblins, its cover also features a familiar knight! That hero is actually Arthur's father, as AtomicFe's game is an unofficial prequel:

"Three years before Arthur defeated Astaroth in Ghost n Goblins [sic], his father Sir Raphael, returning from a trip around the world, discovered a village [with] people crying the loss of their magical "Rose". Listening only [to] his courage, Sir Raphael promised the villagers to fight Ghosts and Zombies, find the Rose, and get it back to the villagers. Thus the Quest for the Rose started."

Ghost N Zombies will come in a 32K cartridge and will include 17 screens, 11 different kinds of enemies, and more. AtomicFe plans to sell 25 boxed copies with manuals (with another 25 possible depending on demand) for $60, and is accepting preorder requests through email. You can see several screenshots below and at AtomicFe's forum:

[Via AtariAge]