Since discovering that characters in the PC edition of Street Fighter IV are reskinnable, the game's community has put out dozens of new costumes for players to download (Note: online opponents cannot see your modified characters).

Unsurprisingly, you can already find a wealth of Naruto costumes and Cammy/Chun-Li nude hacks, but there are also many impressive skins that bring real life and fictional characters that Capcom never intended to include in its game, such as Duke Nukem and Fat Bastard from the Austin Power films in the video above.

The Shoryuken forums has a thread providing instructions and resources on changing your SFIV characters, as well as a repository of custom skins released so far. Here's a small collection of the ones I found most interesting below:

Balrog as Doraemon:

Blanka as ThunderCat's Lionel:

Cammy as Batman's Harley Quinn:

Dhalsim as Mahatma Gandhi:

Rufus as an Incredibles superhero:

Sagat as God of War's Kratos:

Zangief as Mr. T: