Mekensleep's critically acclaimed DS game Soul Bubbles is finally releasing in Japan courtesy of Interchannel over a year after title's U.S. debut, and the placid puzzler has seen some changes from its trip across the Pacific.

The most obvious change is that the game's previously near bald hero now has a lush mane of purple hair. Not so obvious are the game's reworked level curves, interface tweaks, and a gameplay bug affecting left-handed players.

Mekensleep's Omar Cornut also shared other significant changes that might convince fans of the original (or gamers who still haven't tried out Soul Bubbles) to import:

"We increased the number of calabashes required to reach Agartha to 70, because players who skipped the harder fourth and fifth levels in each world usually faced too much of a difficulty spike in Agartha, and it also tends to increase the game duration for those players.

Finally we added a second save profile to the game, as requested by many players. We really wanted to get that inside the original release but only thought about it late in the process and it was too late for QA to accept it into the build. It's my fault and I really wanted to have it fixed for the Japanese release!"

You can watch a trailer for Soul Bubbles taken from the Japanese Nintendo Channel's latest update below:

[Via Gamersdag]