The team behind Half Life 2 source mod NeoTokyo, a first-person shooter heavily influenced by the works of Masamune Shirow (Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell) and Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), released the game over the holiday weekend for free through various sites.

Taking place 30-40 years from now in a Japan racked with social/political crises, NeoTokyo has players taking on the role of either soldiers in the Interior Ministry's National Security Forces or in the military's special forces group staging a coup.

This first public release features 10 Capture the Ghost maps and three classes -- Recon, Assault, and Support -- each with different armor, equipment, and movement speeds. The game empasizes stealth and detecting enemies, providing two of the three classes with thermal-optic camouflage, and offering countermeasures such as night vision, motion detection, and thermal imaging.

Even if you decide not to download NeoTokyo, you should really listen to its superb official soundtrack composed by Ed Harrison -- it's a shame that you don't hear much of it in the actual game!