Rounding up the last seven days, it's time to recap the top full-length features and news of the past week on big sister site Gamasutra, plus extra features and Game Design Challenge goodness from fellow edu site GameCareerGuide.

Some highlights here - the in-depth Ken Levine interview about 2K Boston's studio culture that's been getting a lot of notice, plus Ignition interviews, designing combat zones, the history of Defender, game design education, the sandbox game genre explored, Matt Matthews on PSP's digital rush, and more.

Lemmings go:

Ken Levine on Studio Culture: From Looking Glass to 2K Boston
"In a major new interview, BioShock creator Ken Levine talks to Gamasutra about staffing up 2K Boston for his "substantially more ambitious" next project, studio culture, philosophy, and more."

The History and Theory of Sandbox Gameplay
"In this in-depth Gamasutra analysis, game professional Breslin examines the history and current state of the 'sandbox game', looking at modern games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Spore to see how they fulfill the concept of unlimited, unfettered creativity."

Anatomy of a Combat Zone
"In this detailed design article, Blue Castle (Dead Rising 2) level design director Bridge examines how you design memorable, tactical combat areas for first/third-person shooter games."

The History of Defender: The Joys of Difficult Games
"In the latest in a series of Gamasutra-exclusive bonus material originally to be included in Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton's new book Vintage Games, we examine Eugene Jarvis' devious but delightful 1980 arcade game Defender and its descendants."

Lighting The Ignition: Jumping From Niche to Triple-A?
"In an in-depth interview, the principals behind fast-growing publisher Ignition Entertainment, backed by Indian Bollywood media giant UTV, explains its current import-centered (Muramasa, King Of Fighters) business plan and hints at publishing plans that center on multiple triple-A games aimed at North American audiences."

Teaching Game Design: Problems in Educating the Next Generation
"Masters student Prinke explores current trends in education in the field of digital game design and details the problems involved in trying to marry academics with entertainment."

Sponsored Feature: How to be a Game Designer Right Now
"In a new LA Film School-sponsored Game Career Guide feature, faculty member Michael Dawson discusses great entry paths into elementary game design, from paper designing to simple 2D game creation tools."

Analysis: The Great PSP Software Rush of 2009
"As PSP Go's launch approaches, Sony is making a massive PlayStation Store-based digital distribution push -- and Gamasutra examines the shift, alongside exclusive stats on the top PSP downloads via PSN."