Finishing up the last seven days, it's time to recap the top full-length features of the past week on Gamasutra, plus extra features and Game Design Challenge goodness from sister edu site GameCareerGuide.

Some particular neatness in here includes interviews with CyberConnect2's boss, EA's Frank Gibeau, as well as John Harris' epic top 20 RPGs article, an extract from Mark Haigh-Hutchinson's real-time cameras book, Ian Bogost on a unique board game and its tangibility, plus rather more things besides.

Slingshot around Neptune:

The Formation And Evolution of CyberConnect2
"Japanese independent developer and .hack creator CyberConnect2 has made an enduring company and franchise, even while adhering to much stricter 'quality of life' than many Japanese developers. In a rare, personal interview, companypresident Hiroshi Matsuyama explains the firm's founding and how work/life balance became so important to him."

Game Design Essentials: 20 RPGs
"In the latest in his popular Game Design Essentials series, writer John Harris examines 10 games from the Western computer RPG (CRPG) tradition and 10 from the Japanese console RPG (JRPG) tradition, to figure out what exactly makes them tick -- and why you should care."

Real-Time Cameras - Navigation and Occlusion
"Gamasutra is proud to present an excerpt from the book Real-Time Cameras by Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, a veteran Retro Studios staffer who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008 and passed away in 2009."

Persuasive Games: Gestures as Meaning
"In his latest 'Persuasive Games' column, game designer and writer Ian Bogost examines both Natal-like gesture control devices and Brenda Brathwaite's experimental board game Train, suggesting: "Perhaps the souls of our games are not to be found in ever-better accelerometers... but in the way they invite players to respond to them.""

A Different Track: Frank Gibeau Talks Strategy
"President of EA's Games Label, which oversees 'core games', Frank Gibeau oversees franchises like Need For Speed and Dead Space, and talks in-depth to Gamasutra about original IP, Wii growth, and the company's changed attitudes."

Game Design Challenge: DS Platforming Innovation
"Ready to innovative in touch-screen platforming? Our latest challenge aims to bring new life to the genre on the Nintendo DS, asking for a stylus-only platformer design using an all-new mechanic."

Results from Game Design Challenge: Creating Fun Communication
"Can nonverbal communication create a satisfying play experience? That's the question our latest Game Design Challenge sought to answer, as people take a crack at a new system for talking without words."