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Continuing with the GameSetLinks goodness as this week speeds on, this set of links is headed by Richard Cobbett looking at one of those curiosities - a PC adventure game that seems to have almost been forgotten by fandom, partly thanks to backwards compatibility issues around PC games, I suspect. Or maybe I'm just projecting...

Anyhow, quite apart from that, other highlights include a look at the making of the computer game version of Aliens (quite spooky it was, too!), as well as Aspyr's Treasure World, more on the Textfyre commercial IF, Bob Blauschild getting back to Leigh, NinjaBee releasing a total conversion (!) for an Xbox Live Arcade game, and lots more.

Def con one:

Traffic Department 2192 | Narrative Flood
'Traffic Department 2192 was a shareware game from 1994, originally published by Safari Software, and one that has a bit of a cult following amongst people who could get past the terrible title.'

NinjaBee Dance: Band of Bugs gets Avatar support and all-new DLC
I didn't realize that Tales Of Kaloki is a total conversion for Band Of Bugs with a completely different theme - really interesting idea.

The ISG Top 25 Facebook Games for July 2009
Really interesting to track which of these microtransaction-funded social games are popular - ignore at yr peril.

The Making Of Aliens: The Computer Game | NowGamer
'Having failed miserably to bring Back To The Future to life on home computers, no one was expecting great things when Electric Dreams announced that it was working on Aliens: The Computer Game. And yet the result was one of the finest film licences of the Eighties.'

Is it just me? Fighting Games: Behind the Times « the other castle
'I know how utterly and completely ancillary story is to a game about beating the snot out of your friends. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to try, and it doesn’t mean that there isn’t massive potential.'

Post Position » Jack Toresal and The Secret Letter Released
Some much better detail on Textfyre's commercial IF title that we mentioned the other week.

Sexy Videogameland: Bob Blauschild Responds To My Open Letter!
'You may recall I recently wrote an open letter to the designer of a couple obscure adventure games that used to make me pound my little fist against the Apple IIe's keyboard in frustration in my childhood, at the same time they formed my earliest and best nostalgic memories of gaming. Thanks to the magic of the internet, my letter reached former Sirius Software designer Bob Blauschild, who's given me permission to publish his response in its unedited entirety.'

The War-driver's delight: WiFi treasure hunting in Aspyr's Treasure World | Offworld
I didn't even know this had been released - and it's fascinating use of DS tech.