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As we totter raggedly towards the weekend, time to spool out a bunch of GameSetLinks that are the result of some dedicated RSS-excavating from last week (luckily, they're the evergreen type, largely), starting out with another interesting Eurogamer feature - this one on roleplaying in MMOs.

Also in this set of links - more on the positive response for quirky British indie adventure game Time, Gentlemen, Please!, plus the Dragon Age tabletop RPG, the latest from Introversion, Clint Hocking on scary permadeath, usefulness vs. coolness in power-ups, and more besides.

Extended forecast:

Personality Crisis Article - MMO /// Eurogamer
'A subculture of a subculture - recently described in a University of Minnesota study as "psychologically much worse off than the average [MMO player]" - role-players (or "RPers", as they're often known) engage in many, if not all, of the same activities as the average MMO aficionado. But they do so with an interesting twist: they do it "in character".'

Never Balance Cool Against Useful « Double Buffered
'If you balance Utility against Coolness, what you end up with is a system where the people who want stats will pick the items with the best stats but no coolness, while the players who want variety will pick the items with bad stats but lots of cool things.'

Click Nothing: Live and Let Die
Far Cry 2 co-creator Clint Hocking: 'The reason I think people are paying attention to what Ben is doing is not because he is having a more emotionally engaging narrative experience. It is not because he is playing the game in a more serious way in order to experience more serious emotions.'

goviolet » scumm and villainy
"Another rave for (the pictured) 'Time Gentlemen, Please!', which Mike Rose loved over at IndieGames.com, and is ridiculously cheap to purchase. Yay."

Defcon :: View topic - Keeping IV from the Wolves
'In September last year I looked at a cash-flow that said that Introversion was out of money by Christmas and a plan for Darwinia+ that said that we wouldn’t be able to launch until June. It’s now ten months later and I’m looking at a project plan forecasting the launch for September / October and a cashflow that runs out around the same time.'

gameplaywright.net // Dragon Age: An Interview with Chris Pramas
'So as soon as I heard that Green Ronin and BioWare were teaming up to create a tabletop sibling for the forthcoming fantasy CRPG, Dragon Age: Origins, I pelted Green Ronin’s president and founder, Chris Pramas, with questions.'

Experience Points: Review: Blueberry Gardening
Another interesting review of a game that's... really quite difficult to talk about, I guess.

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Documenting the Digital Generation
'The George Lucas Educational Foundation recently launched an exciting new website -- Digital Generation -- which offers a wealth of videos which will be relevant to anyone who wants to better understand the new media literacies, participatory culture, and young people's online lives, themes which recur here with great frequency.'