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As we saunter happily into a long weekend in the States (yep, that July 4th thing in full effect), let's bust out a new set of slightly extended GameSetLinks, headed by the latest GAMBIT/MIT Game Lab student title, which continues their customarily interesting attitude to experimental student games, with an oldskool adventure twist, even.

Also in the latest set of links - looking circumspectly at Okami, examining a book on ethics in video games, high-heeled claws, Japanese audio games, the apparently drifting delights of Afrika, and iPhone costume hijinks from the Dead Or Alive ladies, oh dear.

Yay hooray:

GAMBIT: Updates: Introducing Rosemary
More interesting student games from MIT GAMBIT: 'Rosemary is a point-and-click adventure game whose core mechanic is remembering events of the past in order to uncover a mystery.'

Critical Distance | Ōkami
Another super-nice round-up of critical reaction to the notable Clover Studios title.

Print Screen: The Ethics of Computer Games > Troy S. Goodfellow > | Crispy Gamer
'Though many in the serious games movement have consciously worked to invoke reflection and emotion, it's doubtful that the makers of Manhunt were driven by a desire to make a meditative commentary on violence.'

Costume GET!: Costumes of DOA Blackjack Kasumi
On the weblog that 'discusses the finer points of videogame character costumes', Tecmo's blackjack iPhone app gets a lookover.

The Brainy Gamer: Safari with me
'In Afrika, you take photographs of animals and other wildlife. That's it. That's the whole game. I'm calling it a game. You may decide to call it something else.'

Acid for Blood: A Few Quick Thoughts on the Aion Beta
'Asmodians don't wear shoes because they have these big fucking claws on their feet. This is cool. The females don't wear shoes either. Because: really big claws. So, naturally you would think that their heels look just like the males -- a flat fleshy pad on the bottom of their foot. But no. They have a bony protrusion there that looks like the pointy heel of a high-heeled shoe. They have HIGH HEELED CLAWS.'

The Weird World of Japanese "Novel" Games from 1UP.com
'In Japan, there's a long history of games that are pretty much just reading, and can only really be considered "games" due to what they're being played on, and that they allow some choices from the player.'