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Continuing a 'just in time' approach to GameSetLinks, this particular set is headed by a nice Benj Edwards historical piece on classic video game Lunar Lander and its birthing, as posted over on Harry McCracken's blog Technologizer (which you don't see linked much from game sites, actually.)

Also hanging out in this link set - Magical Wasteland's magical fiction on voice sessions gone a bit awry, Jeff Minter on the history of Gridrunner (yay!), Tim Rogers rambles gloriously through Wii Sports Resort, scattering confused Mii-s in his wake, and GamesRadar/PC Gamer UK talks the rise of indie, a subject near and dear to me, of course.

Look at you:

Forty Years of Lunar Lander | Technologizer
Great Benj Edwards piece (which we had to pass on, boo!) about Lunar Lander's creation, moon landing tie-in.

Once More with Feeling (Magical Wasteland)
I attended a panel at GDC Austin's Audio Summit once which had voice actors talking about the pain of doing these kind of dialogue sessions.

Llamasoft Blog » A History Of… Gridrunner
Nice history from the Yak, also revealing that the XBLA version is called Gridrunner Revolution nowadays, woo.

Top five craziest uses of historical figures in video games - Den of Geek
I know, a list - but a fun one, naturally topped by Eternal Sonata.

auntie pixelante › level design lesson: the face of mars
Another good Auntie post, this time about a really pretty obscure game that looks cute.

Action Button Dot Net - Wii Sports Resort reviewed by Tim Rogers
Super-entertaining, super tangential writing, as per usual: 'Wii Sports Resort is a laundry list of infuriating things that video games do, though at the same time it is a scary-hot promise of new video game playing experiences to come.'

How indie games took on the world (and won) | GamesRadar
Oo, great PC Gamer UK piece.