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Tending towards the even more random than normal, this set of GameSetLinks, the almost-weekend ones, is headed by David Thomas firing off a rather spiky epistle about developers and used games that's sure to get some people fuming - which is probably the point.

Yet also in this supreme melange is a look at an Australian TV show on game bloggers versus journalists, or something, a good discussion on girl gamers and stereotyping, another piquant 1UP feature - this time on betrayal in games - and an odd but fun Eurogamer piece about '90s artificial life game Creatures (incidentally, why aren't there more artificial life games?) and AI.

Michael and Michael:

Crispy Gamer | Fair Trade: The Simple Economics of Why Game Developers Should Shut Up About Used Games, Part 2
Incendiary, sure, but worth reading.

Interactive fiction, from birth through precocious adolescence: a conversation with Jimmy Maher - Feature - Adventure Classic Gaming
Wide-ranging, slightly strange, interesting Interactive Fiction interview.

Fullbright: The three R's
'In the context of a fiction-based video game, I've found that three principles should be applied when considering each design decision you're presented with.'

Daniel Primed:: Gaming Analysis, Critique and Culture » Good Game ‘Rei: The Blogosphere’ Dissection
'The key problem with Tracey’s feature was that its predominate angle (online bloggers vs print media journalists) pigeonholed the blogging and print media mediums respectively.'

Gamine Expedition: Ridiculous Life Lessons for Silly Girls
'I'm happy to see that along with the recent influx of a new (though arguably somewhat recycled) batch of "girl games" (a.k.a. pink games), the debates about girl games, girls and games and the space for girls within gaming culture are all being actively reinvigorated in a great collection of reviews, articles, discussion pieces and forums.'

Saviour Machine Interview - Page 1 // PC /// Eurogamer
An odd little interview on AI with the creator of Creatures' artificial intelligence.

Jump Button » Blog Archive » L1V3S
From former GSW columnist Drew Taylor, and looking very interesting: 'L1V3S (thirteen lives) will be a collection of thirteen original short stories. Each story will focus on one character–one life–that is somehow connected to the world of video games.'

Fear and Mistrust in Videogames from 1UP.com
'Lying, backstabbing, and a brief history of videogame bastardry.'