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A bumper set of GameSetLinks this week, then, with the Artsy Game Incubator birthing more neatness, courtesy of those smart Toronto indie artists and game developers (and both!) Would be nice to see more worldwide outposts of this, in addition to the Montreal one that's apparently upcoming.

Also up in here - NPR on video games, fun BT Electroplankton-y music manipulating iPhone apps, Lords Of Midnight, nice things about game journalism, and a plethora of other things to poke and divine at.

Hanging on a star:

VGPC: What One Tweet and One Link Can Do
Talks about the Nintendo World Championships cart purchase story - first linked to by me - and its travel around the Internet. Stats-wise, looks like we are trendsetters rather than traffic-drivers, ahem.

Press Pass: Top 10 Good Things the Internet Has Brought to Game Journalism > Kyle Orland > 7/16/2009 9:05 AM | Crispy Gamer
I like it! I think I was a bit irked by the original glass half-empty article, and didn't link it, tsk.

Artsy Games Incubator » Games
A bunch of new games from artists, looking very neat, too - Alpinist, heh.

On 'The Path,' Everything A Big Bad Wolf Could Want : NPR
Yay for Heather Chaplin's thoughtful NPR pieces about video games.

[TOOL-TOY] Remix on your iPhone with BT & Sonik Architects' Sonifi
Strictly speaking not a game, but quite Electroplankton-like in its real-time manipulation fun. Helps if you are a BT fan (which I am.)

Fort90 Journal » Best Smile: Samus Aran
Now that Nickelodeon mag died (aw!), Matthew Hawkins shows off some fun video game-themed pieces he wrote for the kids mag.

The Making Of: Lords Of Midnight | Edge Online
A pretty obscure game outside Europe, but quite an interesting and important one.

MTV Multiplayer » Blog Archive » Indie Game Challenge - The ProAm Of Game Development
'Another interesting limitation is that the entries can't exceed 4 hours in length from start to finish. "For games that have an end," Olin specifies.' Not sure if this is a misquote, but that's a bit... odd.