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Continuing down the week's links, I've been trying to expand my link horizons a little (when you have a certain amount of sites RSS-ed, it's difficult to keep adding), and the first of these happens to be first up here - the Japanese dojin/visual novel site NovelNews.net.

Also around here - XBLCG games are analyzed, a reminder is given on the extremely awesome Experimental Gameplay Project, Daniel Cook's Flash monetization guide is aired out, a professor refuses to behave, and rather more in addition.

Kidney bingo:

encubed » News Archive » Interview with Rockin’ Android
A good Japanese dojin/visual novel site I didn't know about, interviewing one of the two new Western dojin firms.

Charge Shot!!!: demo monday: xbox community games edition
Interesting reviews of a cross-section of new XBLCG games: 'There aren’t new ideas here, and there aren’t mechanics that, given time and resources, could be the foundation for the next Big Thing.'

Experimental Gameplay Project
I'm sure most of you read about this already on IndieGames, RPS, etc - but Petri Purho's game is up now too, as well as Kyle Gabler, Kyle Gray, and lots of other indie allstars' - yay.

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Can Dragon Quest IX Make the Old Feel New?
Jeremy Parish v.usefully provides context for DQIX's launch, franchise-wise, something we should all probably know a bit more about.

Lost Garden: Flash Love Letter (2009) Part 1
Daniel's talking on this topic at GDC Austin's Indie Games Summit, and he's a super-smart guy.

The Curious Case Of The Poorly Behaved Professor « Broken Toys
This one was all over the place last week - a City Of Heroes/Villains player who's also a 'new media professor' is obnoxious to people by griefing, claims he is being 'oppressed' when they go off on him. Unbelievable.