[GameSetLinks is GameSetWatch's daily link round-up post, culling from hundreds of weblogs and outlets to compile the most interesting longform writing, links, and criticism on the art and culture of video games.]

Racking up the links as the week progresses, GameSetLinks this time starts out with a rather sweet tale about how playing games helps two members of a family relate -- exactly the kind of humanistic writing that we hope gets done more and more recently, as people realize that games are a social tool as well as a high-score magnet.

Also in this set - Eurogamer folks on embargo fun, Raph Koster points out a 'build your own board game' site of note, James Silva on why you should give Xbox Live Indie Games a good shake, some more 'Gaming Made Me', narrative and gameplay have a good old ruckus yet again, and more.

Slow dive:

Plants vs. Zombies– a Tale of Two Sisters « Play as Life
A touching story about human relationships compared and enhanced through games.

QBlog: 'Meanwhile, Back in 1976'
'I wonder what ghastly stereotypes in bad wigs German magazines use when advertising conferences in the UK? Or maybe they don't think this kind of embarrassing sexism/racism is just a bit of fun like MCV seems to?'

Raph’s Website » The Game Crafter: Cafepress for board games!
This has been all over the place, thanks to Raph for reminding me to link it: 'The short form: CafePress for board game designers.'

The RAM Raider: Eurogamer Editor Tom Bramwell On Embargos
Maximum respect to Eurogamer/Bramwell for trying to talk through this super-thorny review issue.

Retro Interview - Javier Maldonado on Masq | The Reticule
Masq is a primitive, really odd, but compelling story engine type thing - a good review here. (Also notable because it was 'discovered' by the press.)

Gaming Made Me - The Quixotic Engineer
Continuing the 'Gaming Made Me' RPS series on Matthew Gallant's site: 'What’s interesting about the series is the contrast between how unremarkable many of these games are in a larger sense and how important they are on a personal level.'

A word about Xbox Live Community Games/Indie Games « Ska Studios
Some counterspin here from Dishwasher dev James Silva, and I kiiinda agree: 'Quit complaining. XBLCG is a great platform, but it’s not a magical money generator (unless you make yet-another-massage-game). Just making a game does not guarantee you success and wealth and fame and happiness, but putting that game out on XBLCG definitely gives you a sweet head start.'

The Play’s the Thing « Spectre Collie
Great summing up of the Twitter design kerfuffle over Denis Dyack's Develop talk: 'If you put the narrative in front of the gameplay, you are no longer making a game. You’re making a movie.'