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Continuing inexorably in the direction of that miraculous invention, THE WEEKEND, we start off with Crispy Gamer's surprisingly fluffy, erudite piece about what authors like Brian Crecente (pictured) would do with game commentary. Oh, wait, that's Edgar Allen Poe, never mind...

Also in this set of links - extending gameplay without cheesing everyone off, the latest in the great MindCandy demo-scene DVD series is announced, why you might like working on MMO live teams and still not be crazy, the latest GAMBIT MIT Game Lab art-game, Lord Putnam on the importance of games, and some other tings.

Super sharp shooter:

Crispy Gamer | What-If Dept.: What If Great Authors Had Written Game Reviews?
'What if, between writing their masterworks, these authors slummed a bit as game writers? Cue the harp music and fog HERE.'

Press Pause to Reflect: How to Make It Last
'Many game designers seek ways of either extending a video game’s play time or encouraging multiple playthroughs of a game. If done well, these strategies can add considerable value to a game.'

"Killing Fields" Producer Working Toward the "Overdue Political Legitimacy of the Games Industry" | GameCulture
'Gamers should be heartened to learn, then, that Puttnam has been working closely with British game group TIGA to "raise key videogame industry issues amongst interested Parliamentarians."'

GAMBIT: Updates: Introducing The Bridge
'Saying I wanted to make a game about "mourning" or the connection between "love" and "fear of loss" would be bullshitting... So, let's just stick to the dirty truth of how it really went.'

Elder Game: MMO game development » The Warcraft Live Team’s B Squad
'But to people who enjoy the live team, well … there is nothing as good as it. The power you have! The instant feedback! The ability to literally make hundreds of thousands of people happy with just a few weeks of work.'

MindCandy Volume 3: PC Demos 2003-09 on Blu-ray and DVD
'Production of the next volume of MindCandy is underway. It will feature PC demos released after Volume 1, in widescreen HD. Blu-ray and DVD versions will be included together in one package.'