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Since we're not starting GameSetLinks for the week until first thing Tuesday, we'll going to ratchet up the output a little - eight links per post, instead of the conventional six, starting out with Oddbob's look at the XNA Indie Games title (via Microsoft Research) Kodu, which he's concerned will get neglected.

I have to admit I haven't grabbed it yet - but now I feel chastened. Also in this set of links - Japanese arcade charts, Dan Hsu on Bitmob, some Noby Noby and Blueberry comparisons worth checking out, and quite a few more things besides.

Fully articulated:

Kodu Game Lab: XNPlay
Excellent overview by OddBob: 'The potential for Kodu to be buried is stupidly high and it doesn’t deserve that. So, folks, readers, parents and chums – I’m going to end this piece with a bit of a request. Try Kodu.'

TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH » Goto80 interview pt 2
Really great interview with the Swedish chiptune musician (who previously released on my net.label Monotonik, way back, actually).

Versus City » Blog Archive » Arcadia August - Top 10 + Magazine Summary
Lots of Mobile Suit Gundam near the top of the charts, neat.

VideoGamePriceCharts: 'Moonwalker Prices Rise To Heaven With Michael Jackson'
'Michael Jackson died on June 25th 2009 at the age of 50. Within minutes of his death, prices for Michael Jackson's Moonwalker increased almost 600%.' Graphs within.

Press Pass: Dan "Shoe" Hsu Takes on the Bitmob > Kyle Orland > 7/2/2009 1:20 PM | Crispy Gamer
Another top-quality interview, I fear - in that it's interesting to get meta. Monetization is still the issue here, of course - can publishers be persuaded that Bitmob needs that higher CPM ad buy?

Revolutionary Daymares of a Submachine – Interview with Mateusz Skutnik « a hardy developer's journal
Nice interview with a neat indie artist-designer.

Tumblr: Stop it, video game PR
Grumpy fictionality but kinda fun, anyhow.

Indie | A Boy and his Blueberry | Resolution | Diverse commentary on videogames
An interesting comparison of Noby Noby Boy, Blueberry Garden, and their pastoral attitude to gameplay.