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A little more GameSetLink-age for you good citizens of GSW-ville, then, and it's started out by a neat little deconstruction of Assassin's Creed and its odd plot from veteran developer Brett Douville.

Also in this round-up - more on gaming in libraries, Keith Boesky on that old chestnut, Hollywood and games, neat indie games, classic player types and Left 4 Dead, classic Japan-only games, and rather more things besides.

Grave torpedo:

Brett's Footnotes¹: Assassin's Creed's Functional Story
'Setting aside the believability of this sort of Lamarckian idea, I've found to my surprise that this story works for me in a purely functional way -- it solves specific game-related problems.'

auntie pixelante › gaming in libraries: the course
'recently, scott got funding to conduct an online course on running game events at libraries as a series of youtube videos (connected to discussion forums).'

8bitrocket:Time Warner Interactive & Midway: The Soul Of Atari Might Still Be Alive...
Awesome wishful thinking: 'With Time Warner Interactive now a "hot" company... is it too hard to believe that they could finish the job of reconnecting the orginal parts of Atari by purchasing the Infogrames assets now that they are in semi-distress and refocusing on the original I.P.?'

A Tree Falling in the Forest: Hollywood in Games 2.0: They're Baaaaack Edition
'I was confident we are headed for a wall again. Silly Hollywood, don’t you guys ever learn?'

July 2009 Best Indie Games by Game Tunnel
Some interesting titles in here - topped by the latest in the Aveyond series.

The Taxonomy of Left 4 Dead. « Groping The Elephant
'Playing Left 4 Dead recently it struck me that the characterisation of each of the four survivors seemed to conform to one of these four [Richard Bartle-suggested] player types.'

Hit Self-Destruct: Move Over Once
'If Rock Band is the future of music, what would that mean for the future? That kids' first exposure to rock music will be in the form of a Rock Band challenge, rather than on the Ed Sullivan show or in English dance halls or whatever?'

1UP's Most Wanted Games From Japan from 1UP.com
Lots of spot-on obscure gems.