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Tuesday has rolled on, and we start out this set of carefully picked GameSetLinks with a look at Ben Mattes of Ubisoft Montreal, and some useful, hard-fought lessons about how you might be an effective AAA game producer, perhaps.

Also here - the striking oddness of Maestro! Jump in Music, the worst video game systems of all time, a delving into Charlie Brooker's world, some heartfelt thoughts about writing about games, XBLA sales, growing up through video games, and other things, too.

Not so clear:

toomuchimagination: Life as a Videogame Producer - Part I
Prince Of Persia producer Ben Mattes on evolving to a producer role.

Valuable Games » Blog Archive » US Deputy CTO Beth Noveck on gaming and open governance
Didn't know that White House staffer Beth Noveck founded the State Of Play conferences - useful gaming insider for us, huh?

Eight minutes of Maestro! Jump in Music. The... - Tiny Cartridge - Nintendo DS & DSi News, Media, Videos, Imports, Homebrew, & Retro Junk
Re: '[fairly unknown DS title] Maestro! Jump in Music... Around the 1:20 mark, you’ll wonder where this music-based platformer has been all your life.'

Xbox Live Arcade Sales, Top20 June 2009 - VGChartz
Impossible to find among VGChartz news clutter, these stats (with plenty of caveats) are pretty good, generally, and worth checking out.

Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive » The 10 Worst Video Game Systems of All Time
'Just yesterday, PC World published my slide-filled list of The 10 Worst Video Game Systems of All Time on their site. You might not agree with the list, but that’s almost the point — who agrees with Internet top 10 lists anyway?'

Crummy: Nostlagiaudit, Part II
A kinda personal history of playing games: 'Previously on Nostalgiaudit, I explained how I got hooked on electronic simulations of impossible scenarios, and how I was eventually given specialized hardware to feed that addiction. This time around, I take a look at the aftermath, and then give a detailed analysis of the years I lost to the NES.'

Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe best bits | Owen Van Spall | Culture | guardian.co.uk
As you may or may not know, UK satirist/commentator Brooker used to be a games journalist (on PC Zone, among others), and I think a lot of his points about TV actually are worth considering in the context of games. Plus, it's all a bit delish.

Hit Self-Destruct: A Trilogy In Six Parts
Lots if interesting people (among them a number of Gamasutra/GSW writers and contributors) talk about writing about games. Woo.