You may remember that we are running a GameSetCompetition, giving away a limited edition, numbered Xbox 360 Rock Band guitar designed by Matt Moore of MWM Graphics, thanks to Pepsi and Harmonix.

The question that we posted - and it was a bit of a tricky one, actually, was:

Name one Rock Band song which appears in the game in a different language version to its original recording?

The answer (and it was a downloadable Rock Band 2 song, not one that is part of the core song set!) was Durch Den Monsun/Monsoon by scary, scarily catchy German teen-rock band Tokio Hotel.

Here's the German-language video and the English-language version for further proof. We had more than 25 correct entries, despite the tricky question, and congrats to winner Duncan Oliver, who will be getting his guitar in the near future.

The competition was part of a special Pepsi/Rock Band co-promotion which includes song codes in bottlecaps and a special performance video competition - thanks for letting us hand out neat stuff, guys.

(There were a couple of incorrect answers, and also one interesting footnote from one entrant:"'Should I Stay or Should I Go?' by The Clash. The original recording had Joe Strummer in backup Spanish vocals while Mick Jones did the English vocals."" Never knew that! Does the Rock Band version lack backing vocals, I wonder?)