Mobile games based on celebrities aren't uncommon, but I had to feature this Japanese brawler after seeing the screenshots that developer G-Mode released.

Titled Chono no Kenka Kick, this handset game stars Japanese wrestler Masahiro Chono (or Mister Black Jack), who you can see above unleashing his devastating signature move, the Kenka Kick, on a group of masked wrestlers. The other screenshot shows Chono posing with one of his younger fans, yelling, "I am Chouno!!!"

Apparently, Chono's adventures also have him fighting men in suits, more masked wrestlers in what looks like outer space, and a mystery character that G-Mode promises is familiar to fans. Notice that he's totally swagger jacking Bret "The HitMan" Hart, wearing sunglasses all the time, except Chono is smart enough to not ruin the look with pink spandex pants.

[Via Inside Games]