If this Justin Wong vs Daigo Umehara match-up sounds familiar to you, it could be because of their recent bout at the GameStop Street Fighter IV National Tournament last April, but most likely you recognize the names from their much-linked and unforgettable EVO 2004 round.

Japanese professional gamer Daigo was victorious over his American rival in both encounters, so many were eager to see if Wong would be able to reverse his fortunes when the two met again at the Street Fighter IV grand finals at EVO 2009, taking place in Las Vegas over the weekend.

I won't spoil the winner, but you can watch the video captured from Ustream.TV's live coverage for the final eight minutes of their match and of the show. Notice that the footage starts with the third fight in a best out of five match, with the score tied 1-1. Umehara is playing as Ryu, while Wong, who began the match with Abel, switched to Balrog for the rest of the bout.

Several great photographs shot by Terry Ng during their match:

Ryan "gootecks" Gutierrez, who you might remember from the I Got Next documentary, also had an interesting interview with the champion afterwards: